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  HP-UX Courses

HP-UX Introduction (HI)
HI 3 days
HP-UX Shell Programming (HSPR)
HSPR 2 days
HP-UX Fundamentals (HF)
HF 5 days
HP-UX Advanced Shell Programming Tools (HASP)
HASP 3 days
HP-UX Posix Shell Programming (HPSP)
HPSP 5 days
HP-UX System Administration (HSA)
HSA 5 days

  Web & Application Server Courses

Apache Tomcat Administration (TOMC)
TOMC 3 days
Apache Web Server (APH)
APH 3 days

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Overview of our HP-UX courses

StayAhead Training offer a range of coursess covering the HP-UX operating system and system specific administration courses. All StayAhead HP-UX coursess can be modified or tailored for delivery on your premises. Scheduled and Closed courses can also be attended using our Virtual Classroom Connect option.

HP-UX is Hewlett Packards (HP) variant (or flavour) of UNIX. The HP-UX Operating Environment is a computer operating system, based on UNIX System V. HP-UX was the first version of Unix to use Access Control Lists for file access permissions rather than the standard Unix permissions system. HP-UX was one of the first Unix systems to include an integrated Logical Volume Manager (LVM). Training courses specifically aimed at HP-UX users, HP-UX Developers and HP-UX System Administrators are mandatory for the successful use of HP-UX systems.

StayAhead Training offer a range of UNIX based courses covering the specifics of HP-UX including a specific HP-UX System Administration training course. StayAhead Training has developed their own unique HP-UX training notes to accompany each training course. These HP-UX course notes have been developed to help support the training process throughout the course and to act as a helpful HP-UX reference guide to the delegate after the training course.

With a wealth of HP-UX experience, StayAhead's HP-UX training team have the skills and experience to modify or tailor any of our HP-UX courses for delivery on your premises. If required, StayAhead can provide the necessary HP-UX hardware and software for HP-UX training taking place on your premises.

As many HP-UX users move from the more traditional HP-UX systems to a Linux platform StayAhead have developed a FastTrack courses FastTrack to Red Hat Linux 7 System Administrator allowing experienced HP-UXs System Administrators to move their HP-UX skills quickly and efficiently to LINUX.

StayAhead's HP-UX foundation courses cover topics that include the HP-UX file structure, HP-UX commands and the HP-UX vi editor. HP-UX Shell Programming (HP-UX scripting) courses cover the HP-UX Posix Shell Programming , plus additional HP-UX tools including awk, SED and make. The HP-UX System Administration course covers, the HP-UX Logical Volume Manager, HP-UX commands for backup & restore, setting up users on HP-UX and configuring printers under HP-UX. The HP-UX System Administration tool, SAM is utilised on the HP-UX System Administration training course.

The courses include a 3 day HP-UX Introduction course, a 2 day HP-UX Shell Programming course, a 3 day HP-UX Advanced Shell Programming Tools course and a 5 day HP-UX System Administration course.

The StayAhead Training Linux courses are complemented by a Perl Programming course, Apache Web Server course and a TCP/IP Networking course.

Specific StayAhead Training courses are also available for users of some of the other more common Unix variants, these can be found on the UNIX, LINUX (LPI & CompTIA) & Security and also on the Solaris schedules.

View our comprehensive Hewlett Packard HP-UX Schedule with dates.

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