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  Oracle Database 19c Courses

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  Oracle 19c Courses

Oracle Database 19c Essential Administration (O19CEA)   New
O19CEA 2 days
Oracle Database 12cR2, 18c and 19c New Features for Administrators (ONF)   New
ONF 5 days
Oracle Database 19c Install & Upgrade (O19CIU)   New
O19CIU 2 days
Oracle Database 19c Administration (O19CDBA)   New
O19CDBA 5 days
Oracle Database 19c Backup and Recovery with RMAN (O19CBR)   New
O19CBR 4 days
Oracle Database 19c RAC and Grid Infrastructure Administration (O19CRAC)   New
O19CRAC 5 days
Oracle Database 19c Data Guard (O19CDG)   New
O19CDG 4 days
Oracle 19c SQL Performance Tuning (O19CSPT)   New
O19CSPT 2 days
Oracle Database 19c DBA Performance Tuning & Management (O19CDBAPT)   New
O19CDBAPT 5 days

  Oracle SQL, PL/SQL & Apex Courses

Relational Databases & Data Modelling Overview (RDBO)
RDBO 2 days
Introduction to SQL (ISQL)
ISQL 1 day
Introduction to SQL on Oracle (ISQLO)
ISQLO 1 day
Oracle SQL (OSP)
OSP 3 days
Oracle PL/SQL (OPI)
OPI 2 days
Oracle SQL & PL/SQL Fundamentals (OFUN)
OFUN 5 days
Oracle SQL Advanced (OSA)
OSA 2 days
Oracle SQL Fundamentals (OSF)
OSF 5 days
Oracle PL/SQL Stored Program Units (OSPU)
OSPU 3 days
Oracle Program with PL/SQL (OPPL)
OPPL 5 days
Oracle Advanced PL/SQL (OAP)
OAP 3 days
Oracle Application Express 18 (APEX) (OAE18)
OAE18 4 days
Oracle Application Express 5 (APEX) (OAE5)
OAE5 4 days
Oracle Application Express 4 (APEX) (OAE4)
OAE4 4 days

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Overview of our Oracle Database 19c courses

StayAhead Training offer a range of independent Oracle 19c courses. For delegates looking for the new features available in Oracle's latest release of the database of the database we offer a five day Oracle Database 12cR2, 18c and 19c New Features for Administrators. For users of Oracle SQL and PL/SQL we offer a range of courses that have been update to include Oracle 19c and are detailed below.

For those staff responsible for their Application Servers StayAhead also offer a 5 day Oracle WebLogic Administration course.

For details of available scheduled dates please see our Oracle 19c Public schedule detailed below. All StayAhead Oracle courses can be modified or tailored for delivery on your premises or on a One-on-One basis.

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