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  Oracle Development Courses

Relational Databases & Data Modelling Overview (RDBO)
RDBO 2 days
Introduction to SQL (ISQL)
ISQL 1 day
Introduction to SQL on Oracle (ISQLO)
ISQLO 1 day
Oracle SQL (OSP)
OSP 3 days
Oracle PL/SQL (OPI)
OPI 2 days
Oracle SQL & PL/SQL Fundamentals (OFUN)
OFUN 5 days
Oracle SQL Advanced (OSA)
OSA 2 days
Oracle SQL Fundamentals (OSF)
OSF 5 days
Oracle PL/SQL Stored Program Units (OSPU)
OSPU 3 days
Oracle Program with PL/SQL (OPPL)
OPPL 5 days
Oracle Advanced PL/SQL (OAP)
OAP 3 days
Oracle Introduction for Experienced SQL Users (OIEU)
OIEU 2 days
Oracle 18c SQL Performance Tuning (O18CSPT)   New
O18CSPT 2 days
Oracle 12c SQL Performance Tuning (O12CSPT)
O12CSPT 2 days
Oracle 11g Release 2 SQL Performance Tuning (O11GSPT)
O11GSPT 2 days
Oracle Application Express 18 (APEX) (OAE18)
OAE18 4 days
Oracle Application Express 5 (APEX) (OAE5)
OAE5 4 days
Oracle Application Express 4 (APEX) (OAE4)
OAE4 4 days
Oracle Forms - Part I (OF19I)
OF19I 5 days
Oracle Forms - Part II (OF2)
OF2 3 days
Oracle Reports (OR)
OR 4 days
Oracle Discoverer Plus for End Users (ODPE)
ODPE 2 days
Oracle Discoverer Desktop for End Users (ODE)
ODE 2 days
Oracle Discoverer for Administrators (ODM)
ODM 3 days

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