Foundation Courses


  Introductory Programming

Introduction to Programming (ITP) StayAhead Virtual Courses available
ITP 3 days
Object Oriented Analysis & Design (OOAD) StayAhead Virtual Courses available
OOAD 3 days
Relational Databases & Data Modelling Overview (RDBO) StayAhead Virtual Courses available
RDBO 2 days
Introduction to SQL (ISQL) StayAhead Virtual Courses available
ISQL 1 day
Introduction to SQL on Oracle (ISQLO) StayAhead Virtual Courses available
ISQLO 1 day


Live Virtual Classroom

Join live instructor-led classroom training from the comfort of your home or office.
All the convenience and benefits of the classroom experience without the hassle and costs of travel and accommodation.

Overview of our Foundation courses

Our courses provides the core knowledge to begin programming in any language and the basics for designing a database, the schemas, tables and relationships. We also provide courses on how to query a Relational database.

We have various courses in JavaScript, JAVA, Ruby, Python, PHP and Perl dependent on your requirements and we bring you through the core syntax of the programming language, and shows how to write and execute your first application and understand the fundamentals.

Our courses allow you to create programs to explore conditions, loops, variables, and expressions; working with different kinds of data.

StayAhead Training offer a range of Java courses. All StayAhead Java courses can be modified or tailored for delivery on your premises.

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