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  Amazon Web Services

AWS Business Essentials (GK1978-G1)
GK1978-G1 1 day
DevOps Engineering on AWS (GK1979-G1)
GK1979-G1 3 days
Advanced Architecting on AWS (GK1980-G1)
GK1980-G1 3 days
Security Engineering on AWS (GK3338-G1)
GK3338-G1 3 days
Data Warehousing on AWS (GK4375-G1)
GK4375-G1 3 days
Architecting on AWS (GK4502-G1)
GK4502-G1 3 days
Systems Operations on AWS (GK4503-G1)
GK4503-G1 3 days
Developing on AWS (GK4504-G1)
GK4504-G1 3 days
Advanced Developing on AWS (GK4505-G1)
GK4505-G1 3 days
Big Data on AWS (GK4509-G1)
GK4509-G1 3 days
Migrating to AWS (GK4532-G1)
GK4532-G1 2 days
Architecting on AWS Accelerator (GK4533-G1)
GK4533-G1 5 days
AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials (GK4534-G1)
GK4534-G1 1 day

  Microsoft Azure

Developing Windows Azure and Web Services (M20487-G1)
M20487-G1 5 days
Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution (AI-100T01)
AI-100T01 3 days
Microsoft Azure Security Technologies (AZ-500T01)
AZ-500T01 4 days
Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900T01)
AZ-900T01 1 day
Microsoft Azure Administrator (M-AZ103-G1)
M-AZ103-G1 4 days
Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure (M-AZ203-G1)
M-AZ203-G1 5 days
Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect - Technologies (Exam AZ-300) (M-AZ300-G1)
M-AZ300-G1 5 days
Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect - Design (EXAM AZ-301) (M-AZ301-G1)
M-AZ301-G1 4 days
Microsoft Azure Devops Engineer - Bootcamp (M-AZ400-G1)
M-AZ400-G1 5 days
Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure (M-DP100-G1)
M-DP100-G1 3 days
Implementing an Azure Data Solution (M-DP200-G1)
M-DP200-G1 3 days
Designing an Azure Data Solution (M-DP201-G1)
M-DP201-G1 2 days

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