Enterprise and Solution Architecture - Intermediate and Practitioner

Enterprise and Solution Architecture - Intermediate and Practitioner

Course Code: SEAC

Duration: 5 days

(Course includes examination fee)

Course Overview

The Enterprise and Solution Architecture Intermediate & Practitioner course is a combination of the Intermediate and Practitioner courses.

During the course, participants learn the essentials of Enterprise and Solution Architecture, including:

  • Enterprise and Solutions Architecture principles and concepts
  • Architecture frameworks
  • Business and Applications architectures
  • Software and Data architectures
  • Infrastructure architecture
  • Architecture Management and Migration planning

The course combines knowledge with the opportunity to practice the methods and techniques presented using a realistic case study and it assists those with a TOGAF certificate to see how the framework can be applied in practice.

Course Content

Introduction to Enterprise and Solution Architecture

  • Value of Enterprise Architecture
  • Core definitions
  • Architectural domains
  • Granularity
  • Hierarchical / Layered architecture
  • Architectural & related roles

Architecture pre-cursors (combined)

  • Stakeholders
  • Drivers, aims and directives
  • Goals and Requirements
  • Solution descriptions and plans
  • Standards and constraints
  • Dimensions of architecture
  • Business case

Architecture approaches (combined)

  • Architecture process frameworks
  • Architecture descriptions
  • Architecture process models
  • Architecture content models (description frameworks)

Business architecture (combined)

  • Business structure and behaviour
  • Business Models
  • Business capability, functions and services
  • Business Data and security

Data architecture (combined)

  • Data and information
  • Data architecture structures for storage and data in motion
  • Data qualities and integration
  • Data architecture frameworks

Applications architecture (combined)

  • Application vs Applications architecture
  • Rationale for applications architecture
  • Structural and behavioural models
  • Design for application security
  • Using application platforms

Software architecture

  • System modelling and modular design concepts
  • Component structures and patterns
  • Component interoperation and communication styles

Design for Non-Functional Requirements (combined)

  • Performance
  • Resilience
  • Recoverability
  • Integrity
  • Servicability
  • Security
  • Sustainability

Infrastructure architecture (combined)

  • Infrastructure architecture structure and behaviour models
  • Building blocks
  • Virtualisation and server consolidation
  • Design for Infrastructure security

Migration planning

  • Gap Analysis
  • Defining change activities
  • Roadmaps

Architecture management

  • Following a process
  • Enterprise/Solution architecture and operations
  • Enterprise/Solution architecture and governance

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Enterprise and Solution Architecture - Intermediate and Practitioner

Duration: 5 days

RRP: £2,225.00 exc. VAT 

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