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Closed & Tailored Training

All our courses can be conducted on clients premises. If a client has a number of delegates to train this approach can prove to be cost effective, convenient and relevant. Closed / Onsite courses can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a business.

Flexibility is the key to Closed Courses. Various delivery options are available and the training can be undertaken at your location, a traditional StayAhead Training Centre or for full flexibility, using our Live Virtual Classroom solution.

Closed Course at Client Location

All our training courses can be delivered on clients sites with a number of cost effective options in terms of the necessary hardware & software provisions.

Client Hardware & Software

The client can provide all the hardware & software, StayAhead will provide a detailed technical setup guide to ensure the systems are ready for the course..

StayAhead Hardware & Software

StayAhead can provide all the necessary hardware & software needed for the training. They will also arrange for the delivery, set-up, testing, dismantling and removal of the systems. Just supply a training facility and StayAhead will sort out the hardware & software environment. This provides an opportunity to gain all the benefits of closed / onsite training without any of the set up problems.

Remote Access

StayAhead can provide a remote login. Using the client's workstations on their site the delegates can connect via the web to StayAhead servers to access the software and labs for the course. The client simply needs to ensure that their workstations can connect to the required StayAhead servers. A cost effective simple and hassle free option.

Closed Virtual

Delegates can attend from your business location, their home or a location of their choice. A great way to provide training to a group of delegates in a Team environment, even when they are in diverse locations, nationally or even internationally. Here is some more information on our Live Virtual Classroom solution.


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Established 1992, with centres throughout the UK, featuring a team of full-time dedicated professional training consultants...

StayAhead Training is one of the UK's leading independent providers of Oracle, Unix, Linux, MySQL, Java, PHP and Web Development training. These technical courses are complemented by a range of ITIL & Business Analysis courses.

Scheduled courses are available in 7 centres throughout the UK including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Leeds, Sunderland and Edinburgh. We also provide training on our clients' premises, this training can be tailored to the specific needs of the client. Our courses have been designed to ensure that people can fulfil their job role and also help prepare delegates for certification in Oracle, Red Hat, Solaris, MySQL, Linux, SUSE Linux, Java and HP-UX.

Working in association with both the Oracle (OUG) and Hewlett Packard (HPUG) User Groups, StayAhead Training have a reputation of providing high quality value for money training at a cost effective price. Our quality is assured by a team of dedicated professional training consultants who work full time for StayAhead Training and who blend their training skills with a wealth of hands-on experience.

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