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Brian was excellent in providing detailed, yet simultaneously concise and to the point tuition. The course pace and structure was excellent, and his light hearted approach and ability to adapt to differing existing team knowledge was commendable. Thoroughly recommended!

Jake - Data Services Manager - IT - February 2023

I found the course extremely useful both practically and also theoretically.

Jan - Senior Risk Analyst - Finance - November 2022

Brian was an excellent instructor, it was clear that he had an exceptional knowledge of both the history and the workings of the C# language and OO coding in general and was able to provide many useful practical examples to reinforce the concepts he was explaining. I am eager to attend a more advanced course in this language provided by Brian in the future when one becomes available.

Liam - Software developer - Transport - September 2022

It helped me understand OOPS concepts better. Refactoring case Study exercise after each concept helped in implementing the concept better.

Rashmi - Application Developer - Finance - July 2022

Very good and enjoyable course, have used C# beforehand but learnt some good things - delegates, lamdas, serialization & especially LINQ.

Gary - Senior S/W Engineer - Manufacturing - May 2022

Brian was very knowledgeable and took his time to explain and answer further questions. If there was a step 2 to this course I would be interested in doing this. This course has given me more confidence using visual studio and C#

Callum - Automotive - April 2022

Brian delivered the content in a very clear way, and was extremely helpful when it came to completing any exercises in the course book. Overall the course was very informative and covered a lot of information in a concise way, without being too much.

Sam - Apprentice Developer - IT - April 2022

The lecturer was very helpful. He explained all the topics well and was able to answer all questions myself and the other attendees asked. The course content was all delivered to a high standard, and was thoroughly studied. I feel as though I got a great deal of information out of the course. Even on topics I already had some prior knowledge on.

Frederick - Gen Pub & C/O - December 2021

Good course, very well explained by Brian. He was very patient and took questions from the group and gave us good working examples.

Dion - Project Co-Ordinator - IT - December 2020

The trainer was amazing, patient, extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the course and explained things in a way that was really easy to understand. Thank you so much for this week, I have learned a lot and would definitely recommend this course to anyone else.

Emma - Digital Implementation Consultant - IT - December 2020

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