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Another excellent course from Stu. As usual he went beyond the nuts and bolts of the topic and actually inspired delegates to become better engineers in general. He always demonstrates a huge depth of knowledge, producing complex examples on the fly with now hesitation. Easily the best tutor I've had for these sorts of courses .... continue

Christopher - Government - October 2023


Very good course with the course tutor being very knowledgeable and making the course very informative and helpful. Stuart is a great tutor and has a great ability to give a lot of information and knowledge without it feeling too much. I gained a lot of very useful information during the 2 day course very good instructor. .... continue

Craig - Lead Software Engineer - Government - October 2023

Developing Node.js Web Applications....

Good content, Brian was friendly and really helpful.

Kieran - Junior Software Engineer (MSc) - Government - July 2023

JavaScript 1....

Found Stayahead training great in past .. but this course sets the level higher. Great trainer, very engaging and went above and beyond the course remit. Packed a lot of material in. Presented in ways beyond the course materials, active coding examples and some great extra materials. Covered the content in an intelligent way, timing great, allowing concentration on applicable bits. Trainer has a great depth of working knowledge of the subject at finger tips. Awesome. .... continue

David - Academic - June 2023

Angular Development....

The course was interesting and well taught. Even if I already had an understanding on the subject, it helped me put all the knowledge into context and have a better understanding of all the logic behind the framework.

Daniele - Software Developer - Finance - May 2023

JavaScript 1....

Stuart encouraged active participation and provided practical examples that helped solidify my understanding of JavaScript and HTML.

Matteo - Communications - May 2023

JavaScript 1....

Stuart was great and made this course extremely informative and presented it well. Pace was perfect to learn new skills. He managed levels ability of participants well. Great use of case studies. Tailored to what we need.

Michael - Flash Developer - Communications - May 2023

JavaScript 1....

The course was presented well by Alan. There was good opportunities to put theory to practise and gave me good answers to my questions on the theory.

Chadley - Pharmaceuticals - April 2023


The way Stuart delivered the course was fantastic coding along with him and setting us various challenges to get us thinking about the content he taught. I went on an AWS course and the technical challenges were just copy paste to get things working I much preferred Stuarts approach and also not doing a typical death by powerpoint style presentation. .... continue

Douglas - Software Developer - Government - April 2023


I really enjoyed the course. I had some experience in React several years ago and this course was an excellent refresher, and it also taught me several things I didn't know before. I found the code-alongs and case study useful, as I find this is the best way for me to learn coding concepts. I also found it useful to hear about some of the debates about the tools and methods discussed as it helps me see some of the different ways of using them and which tools and methods work best for different types of project. Overall the style of the course worked well for me and I learned a lot. .... continue

Richard - Digital Developer - Government - April 2023

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