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Introduction to Hibernate

Adam - Government - December 2022

Java Programming 1 / Java Developer

Really good course, access and use of StayAhead's training vms really helped enforce learning along with the practical assignments.

Ashley - IT - December 2022

Python Programming 1

I found that that the course was pitched just at the right level. I was a bit concerned that, having been in software development for some time (although relatively new to Python) that some parts of the course might be of less relevance. Not a bit if it, I have learned stuff in the last 4 days that I would never have picked up from a text book or on-line video. The stuff around Object Oriented programming and how the different data types are used and how you can implement them in Python have been especially useful. I have learned a tremendous amount about python not just about the language itself but, perhaps more importantly, how it could be practically applied in the professional software environment. Stuart was a fantastic presenter and passed over the information in a very informative, understandable, pragmatic way without ever losing your interest. Stuart was always available outside of the course for advice and guidance and was particularly helpful to me when I had queries on certain topics. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone interested in taking up python. Even for people who have a solid background in python, I am sure that there will be a lot they will pick up from this course. .... continue

Giles - Software Engineer - Government - December 2022

Introduction to Programming

Kevin was excellent. He explained information in a very clear and concise manner building upon what had gone before and resulting in my being able to gain a solid grasp of the concepts being taught. He was very patient and happy to address off the cuff questions with meaningful answers. This course has done a great job of solidifying my understanding of Python fundamentals that I now feel confident applying in a real world situation. .... continue

Alexander - DevOps Engineer - Environmental - November 2022

JavaScript 2

Well delivered by Alan; very personable and easy to work with. Very knowledgeable.

Andrew - Snr SP Dev - Leisure - November 2022

Introduction to Programming - Java

Course was very organised. Clear objectives and tasks. Helpful material and support from Lecturer.

Evaldas - Apprentice Software Developer - IT - November 2022

C# Developer

I found the course extremely useful both practically and also theoretically.

Jan - Senior Risk Analyst - Finance - November 2022

Core Spring

Course was very interesting and Stuart made an awesome job teaching and engaging the attendees. Learned quite a lot of new things that I'm excited to try and implement in my day to day job. Very fun and positive experience.

Juan - Software Engineer E2 - Retail / Hire - November 2022

Java Programming 2 / Java Advanced Developer

It was amazing as usual.

Okoye - Software Engineer - Government - November 2022

Java Programming 1 / Java Developer

Mr. Alan coached us with well-planned training material and throughout the course, we are grateful to see him very patient, kind and solve all our doubts. Thank You, Mr. Alan. I am so blessed to receive knowledge from you.

Radhika - Junior Java Developer - Government - November 2022

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