StayAhead Training offer a range of courses covering the LINUX operating system and system specific administration courses. All StayAhead LINUX coursess can be modified or tailored for delivery on your premises. Scheduled and Closed courses can also be attended using our Virtual Classroom Connect option.

Linux is an Open Source Operating system with its roots in UNIX. Linus Torvalds, a student, had spent much of his computing career using UNIX based operating systems. He wanted a UNIX-based operating system to use on a home PC. In 1993, the earliest versions of Linux were created. The early versions used a Linux command line interface, and these Linux systems were mostly aimed at experienced developers. However, as Linux is open source, many independent programmers and software houses tinkered with Linux to fit their needs. One of the most common ways of adapting Linux was by adding Linux device drivers so that all kinds of hardware became Linux compatible. Linux GUIs (graphical user interfaces) were introduced, making Linux friendly for the End user as well as for Linux programmers and Linux system Administrators.

Whilst not associated with any of the Linux vendors, StayAhead Training offer a range of independent, in-house developed Linux based courses, covering general Linux, Red Hat Linux, Suse Linux and courses aimed at the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) curriculum. Although independent, StayAhead Training have developed training courses to help delegates prepare for the Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) and Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) exams.

StayAhead Training have also developed a range of SUSE Linux training courses to help delegates prepare for the Novell Certified Linux Professional qualification and a LPI set of training courses.

Linux System Administration (LPI) training course will teach some of the necessary skills to enable the delegate to work towards achieving the Linux Server Professional LPIC-1, exams LPI 101 and LPI 102 certification. Completing the LPIC-1 certification also fulfils the requirements for the SUSE Certified Linux Administrator (CLA) and the CompTIA Linux+ Powered by LPI.

This course together with the Linux Introduction and the Linux Shell Programming course or the 5 days Linux Fundamentals course covers the major topics required for the LPI 101 & LPI 102 examinations.

On the fundamental Linux courses each delegate has a dedicate workstation with access to a Linux server. Delegates attending the Linux System Administration courses will have use of an Linux server for the duration of the training.

With a wealth of Linux experience, StayAhead's Linux training team have the skills and experience to modify or tailor any of our Linux courses for delivery on your premises. If required, StayAhead can provide the necessary Linux hardware and software for Linux training taking place on your premises.

StayAhead's Linux foundation courses cover topics that include the Linux file structure, Linux commands and the Linux editor. The Linux Shell Programming (Linux scripting) courses cover the Linux Bash Shell Programming , plus additional Linux tools. The Linux System Administration (LPI) course covers, the Linux File System, Linux commands for backup & restore, setting up users on Linux and configuring printers under Linux.

The courses include a 3 day Linux Introduction course, a 2 day Linux Shell Programming course, a 3 day Linux Advanced Shell Programming Tools course, a 5 day Linux System Administration (LPI) course and a 5 day Linux Advanced System Administration (LPI) course.

For delegates wishing to pass the LPI examinations the StayAhead Training track to follow is the Linux System Administration (LPI) course and the Linux Advanced System Administration (LPI) course. Delegates wishing to gain more from the Shell Programming Tools should attend the Linux Advanced Shell Programming Tools course.

The StayAhead Training Linux courses are complemented by a Perl Programming course, Apache Web Server course and a TCP/IP Networking course.

Specific StayAhead courses are also available for users of some of the other more common Linux variants, these can be found on our Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux and the LPI LINUX schedules.

Course Schedule for April to July 2017

  LINUX Courses

Linux Technical Overview (LTO)
1   20 395 
Linux Introduction (LI)
3   22 22 5 19 26 3 3 24 24 1,100 
Linux Shell Programming (LSP)
2   22 25 25 8 22 29 6 6 17 27 27 820 
Linux Fundamentals (LF)
5   22 22 5 19 26 3 3 24 24 1,645 
Linux Advanced Shell Programming Tools (LASP)
3   24 19 1,295 
Linux Bash Shell Programming (LBSP)
5   22 17 1,825 
Linux System Administration (LPI) (LSA)
5   12 24 1,595 
Linux Advanced System Administration (LPI) (LASA)
5   8 26 1,695 
Oracle Linux 7 Administration (OL7A)
5   15 3 1,995 
Oracle Linux 7 Advanced Administration (OL7AA)
5   19 31 1,995 
JBoss Application Server Administration (JBOSS)
4   30 18 2,095 
Apache Tomcat Administration (TOMC)
3   3 1,195 
Apache Web Server (APH)
3   31 24 1,195 
TCP/IP Networking (TN)
2   1 895 

  LINUX Courses

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Amazing facilities and course content. Friendly and knowledgeable staff! 10/10 would recommend!
Joshua - Junior Software Developer
Government - April 2017
Course content was well explained and we were given plenty of time to work on practical examples. All examples were explained in detail so even if I struggled with completing the exercises on first reading, subsequent explanation meant I understood the lo
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Insurance - April 2017
Tutor was very informative and took the time to explain. Allowed me to consolidate everything I had learn so far and I feel confident to now implement what I have learnt at work. Tutor went the extra mile to provide the class with additional information t
James - Java Developer
Government - March 2017

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Amazing facilities and course content. Friendly and knowledgeable staff! 10/10 would recommend!

Joshua - Junior Software Developer - Government - April 2017

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