PRINCE2 Agile® Foundation - Including Exam

Course Code: P2AF-G1

Duration: 3 days


PRINCE2 Agile® Foundation - Including Exam Course Overview

To complement the AXELOS PRINCE2 Agile® Practitioner qualification, the Introduction of the PRINCE2 Agile® Foundation certification reinforces PRINCE2 Agile® 's unrivalled reputation as the world's most complete agile project management method; combining the benefits of agile ways of working, with the governance and structure of the PRINCE2 method.

• The introduction of PRINCE2 Agile® Foundation will enable everyone to benefit from guidance on delivering, managing or working within agile projects and project teams, without the need for any prior knowledge of PRINCE2® .

• This 3-day course determines how to use PRINCE2® with Agile ways of working as a foundation certification course.

Skills Gained

• After you complete this course you will be able to:

• • Prepare for the PRINCE2 Agile® Foundation Exam

• • Understand the key aspects of PRINCE2®

• • Understand basic concepts behind common agile ways of working

• • Demonstrate the purpose of combining PRINCE2® with agile

• • Be able to fix and flex the six aspects of a project in an agile context

• • Apply the PRINCE2® principles and tailor the themes, processes and management products to a project in an agile context

• • Incorporate the areas that can support a PRINCE2 Agile® implementation

Who will the Course Benefit?

This course is aimed at candidates who are new to PRINCE2® and are working in or around an agile project environment. The course covers an overview of PRINCE2®, an introduction to agile, and how to apply the two together.

• PRINCE2 Agile® has been developed for anyone who delivers projects, large or small, in an agile context. It is a valuable training and certification scheme for anyone working within an agile project environment, whether they be a project manager, project support or part of the wider project team.

• PRINCE2 Agile® equips practitioners and organizations with the ability to deliver agile projects by tailoring the PRINCE2® project management method with a broad toolset of agile delivery techniques and frameworks. In this way, practitioners will leverage the benefits of agile ways of working such as iterative and incremental delivery while maintaining a structure of project governance.


Unlike PRINCE2 Agile® Practitioner, there are no prerequisites for this certification.

NOTE: Course technical content is subject to change without notice.

Course Contents


Part 1

Overview of PRINCE2®

• PRINCE2® Principles

• PRINCE2® Processes and Themes

• PRINCE2® Management Products

• PRINCE2® Journey with Agile

An Introduction to Agile

• Agile Manifesto

• Waterfall vs Agile

• Agile basics and framework

• Agile behaviours, concepts and techniques

Blending PRINCE2 and Agile

• What PRINCE2 Agile comprises of

• Eight PRINCE2 Agile Guidance Points

What to fix, and what to flex

• Performance targets and tolerance

• The "Hexagon"

• The five targets

Part 2

Agile Behaviours and the PRINCE2 Principles

• Applying PRINCE2 principles

• PRINCE2 Agile behaviours

Agile and the PRINCE2 Themes

• Tailoring the PRINCE2 Themes

• Tracking progress with burn charts

Agile and the PRINCE2 Processes

• Relating agile processes to PRINCE2 processes

• Tailoring starting up a project and initiating a project

• Tailoring controlling a stage and managing product delivery processes

• Scrum overview and Lean Startup

• Tailoring managing a stage boundary process

• Tailoring closing a project process

• Tailoring directing a project

Part 3

Focus Areas

• Agilometer

• Requirements

• Rich Communication

• Workshops

• Frequent releases


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