New PostgreSQL training courses

StayAhead Training have launched two new PostgreSQL training courses:
Our trainers have been increasingly aware of a shift away from the Oracle Database. Many businesses are moving test databases, data warehouse systems, etc. away from Oracle and onto open source databases systems. The main factor here is the complexity and cost of larger vendor database licenses.
The days of a business tying themselves into one database vendor are gone. Increasingly companies are selecting the database system most suited for a particular application.
PostgreSQL  is an open source database system - it is fast (it can actually use the CPUs available), reliable and saleable. It can be utilised on huge servers without financial implications. It is easily scalable by adding as much disk space and as many CPUs as required to meet the needs of an application. This makes it ideally suited for data warehousing, analytics and big data. PostgreSQL interfaces with JSON, Python, PHP, Java, Perl, XML, etc. It is, therefore, very likely that many delegates attending Python Programming 1, PHP Developer, CC-Perl-CC and Java Programming 1 / Java Developer courses are using a PostgreSQL backend database.
Certainly many  users of vendor databases will be running (or considering running) open source system such as PostgreSQL, MYSQL and MariaDB alongside their production databases. PostgreSQL is the most likely choice for very large data repositories.

Mar 2018

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