TCP/IP Networking

TCP/IP Networking

Course Code: TN

Duration: 2 days


TCP/IP Networking Course Overview

The TCP/IP Networking course introduces the delegate to the main concepts of TCP/IP. It describes the structure of the TCP/IP Protocol suite as well as IP addressing and subnetting.

Course Objectives

To provide the skills necessary for the delegate to design, build and test a small TCP/IP network. The delegate will gain understanding of network software to plan IPv4 and IPv6 networks. The delegate will learn how to capture network traffic in order to trace and rectify faults on the network.

Who will the Course Benefit?

Anyone who needs to design, implement and maintain a TCP/IP Network. The TCP/IP Networking course is also suitable for delegates who need to troubleshoot and understand TCP/IP networks and their components.

Course Notes

There is no practical content within this TCP/IP Networking course.

Skills Gained

The delegate will learn and acquire skills as follows:

  • Networking standards and topologies
  • The TCP/IP Protocol suite and the functions of each layer
  • Network commands to view and troubleshoot a TCP/IP network
  • TCP and UDP applications and headers
  • Capturing network traffic with Wireshark
  • The role of unicasts, broadcasts and multicasts
  • Classful and classless IP addressing
  • Private and Link Local IP addresses
  • IPv4 subnetting
  • Networking components
  • Routing principles and protocols
  • Application layer protocols
  • Configuring and networking IPv6 addresses

TCP/IP Networking Training Course

Course Introduction

  • Administration and Course Materials
  • Course Structure and Agenda
  • Delegate and Trainer Introductions


  • The OSI Model
  • The Internet Engineering Task Force
  • RFC Documents
  • The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority


  • OSI vs TCP/IP
  • TCP vs UDP
  • The TCP header
  • The UDP header
  • TCP Connections and Flow Control
  • TCP Sequencing Numbers
  • Capturing Information with Wireshark


  • Network Toplogies
  • Network Bits, Frames, Packets and Segments
  • Ethernet and MAC Addresses
  • Network Ports and Sockets
  • Unicasts, Broadcasts and Multicasts


  • Classful IP Addressing
  • Classless IP Addressing
  • Private IP Addressing
  • IPv4 Link Local Addresses
  • IP Broadcasting
  • IPv4 Subnetting

TCP/IP Networking Training Course


  • Network Cabling
  • Hubs and Wireless Hubs
  • Routers, Bridges and Switches

Session 6: ROUTING

  • Routing Principles
  • Routing Tables
  • Static Routing
  • Routing Information Protocol (RIP)
  • Open Shortest Path First Protocol (OSPF)
  • Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)
  • Reverse Address Resolution Protocol (RARP)


  • Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP)
  • The Secure Shell (SSH)
  • Domain Name Service (DNS)
  • Email, SMTP and POP3

Session 8: IPv6

  • IPv6 Overview
  • IPv6 Address Prefixes
  • Configuring IPv6 Addresses
  • IPv6 Networking
  • Course technical content is subject to change without notice.
  • Course content is structured as sessions, this does not strictly map to course timings. Concepts, content and practicals often span sessions.


There are no formal pre-requisites, although knowledge and understanding of an operating system is essential. Having LINUX/UNIX knowledge is particularly advantageous, as the course is built around TCP/IP and LINUX/UNIX.

Follow-On Courses

Course Reviews

The trainer was very understanding and welcoming with the network TCP and IP training course.

Chris - Digital Imaging software support technic - IT

Quite a dry subject. But well presented and interesting.

Rob - Staff Software Engineer - IT

Very good hospitality and teaching methods, really happy that I chose to come on this course, thanks.

Will - Technical Engineer - IT

The course opened my eyes to something I thought was difficult but the instructor has made it now look easy.

Michael - Principal Engineer - Manufacturing

One of the best courses I have done. Will prove to be invaluable in configuring our systems in the future.

Steve - Principal Systems Engineer - Communications

Some of the concepts were explained to me better than I've ever experienced previously by professionals in the field. No unnecessary jargons were used and the teacher was very good at portraying and explaining the course concepts. It was a very refreshing course, I have a very clear understanding of the concepts that were taught in the course. Thank you very much.

Sharon - Computing officer - Academic

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