Business Architecture

Business Architecture

Course Code: SIBA

Duration: 3 days

(Course includes examination fee)

Course Overview

The Business Architecture course introduces participants to the major aspects of Business Architecture. This includes a range of techniques and frameworks, and the relationship with other architectures and disciplines.

The course focus is on business rather than technology and is aimed at business managers, business analysts, project managers and change managers who wish to undertake a practical exploration of the key concepts and techniques involved in Business Architecture.

Topics covered include:

  • The role of the Business Architect
  • Components of a Business Architecture
  • Business Architecture frameworks
  • Business motivation analysis
  • Business and organisational models
  • Business capability modelling
  • Value chain analysis
  • Understanding business culture
  • Information management
  • Relationship between business and technical architectures
  • The role of Business Architecture in the management of change

Course Content

Context for Business Architecture

  • What is Business Architecture?
  • Drivers for developing a Business Architecture
  • Why Business Architecture is key to effective business change
  • Relationship between Business Architecture and other architectures
  • The business change life cycle
  • The role of the business architect
  • Other roles involved in Business Architecture work

Business Architecture frameworks

  • The components of a Business Architecture
  • Zachman’s architecture framework
  • The Business Architecture Guild framework
  • The AssistKD POPIT™ model

Motivation view of Business Architecture

  • Business motivation analysis
  • OMG business motivation model
  • Values, ethos, strategy, goals - CSFs and KPIs
  • Balanced business scorecard
  • McKinsey’s 7-S model

Organisational/capability view of Business Architecture

  • Business Models
  • Business capabilities and business capability modelling
  • Value systems

Process/value view of Business Architecture

  • Value chain analysis and value propositions
  • Value stream analysis
  • Value network analysis
  • Business services
  • Business processes, business events and business rules

People/competecy view of Business Architecture

  • Roles, responsibilities and relationships
  • Competency frameworks
  • Management activities and standards
  • Analysing people and performance
  • Business culture

Information view of Business Architecture

  • The importance of the information view
  • Business information modelling
  • Business intelligence
  • Information and security

Technology view of Business Architecture

  • Relationship between business architecture and other architectures
  • Technology to support the implementation of business architecture

The use of business architecture in the management of change

  • Analysing the impact of change
  • Change control and configuration management
  • Communications planning

Last Edited: May 2016


Business Architecture

Duration: 3 days

RRP: £1,395.00 exc. VAT 

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