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Introduction to Programming - Python

Stuart has been great at being patient and explaining stuff in as many different ways as we needed. He demonstrated a very good grasp on the subject and a good ability to make it simple for new users like myself. I enjoyed his explanations, the attention he gives to "best practice", and even his on-the-side notes of fun facts slightly related. I would have happily gone for another day to be able to cover the whole course calmly, specially as the bit on objects and methods is difficult to grasp quickly. .... continue

Citlali - Foundation Scientist - Environmental - May 2023

Introduction to Python and Data Analysis

Excellent course giving a very good introduction to Python and Data Analysis. Initially did the online course supplied by the ONS, which gave a good intro, but this took those initial concepts and ran with them, giving excellent grounding and explaining the logic behind each process. Musie ran the course at exactly the right pace and reacted to questions and areas of interest well, happy to mould the course to our requirements and questions on-the-spot. Very much looking forward to taking this learning and seeing what I can do with it! .... continue

Simon - Data Analyst/Manager - Government - April 2023

Python Programming 1

Incredible learning experience. The course material was well structured and the instructor's teaching style made even complex topics easy to understand

Susana - Sre/ DevOps apprenticeship - Government - March 2023

Data Analysis Python

Musie was a great trainer. Thoroughly enjoyed the course.

Ben - Network Strategy Analyst - Utilities - February 2023

Introduction to Python and Data Analysis

I really enjoyed the course and Musie has been very helpful and patient throughout the course no matter how many questions we had. He took the time to help us through any issues and go over any topics that we may not have properly understood. Thank you for a nice training. .... continue

Zubilla - Business Intelligence Analyst - Government - February 2023

Python Programming 1

Musie is one of the best tutors I have ever come across - so enthusiastic and knowledgeable - amazing .... Musie - thanks so much - I appreciate I did not have the pre-req for this course but you made it inclusive and very interesting. I really appreciated the time spent and the knowledge you shared. I learned a lot and have taken a lot of courses what an amazing brain you must have! .... continue

Arun - Cloud Engineer - Government - January 2023

Python Programming 1

Great course, and very well delivered. Professional and experience trainer. Much preferred Stuart's code-along delivery style, rather than the traditional powerpoint and talking from the presenter, then an expectation for separate independent work. Stuart delivered well with a very mixed group of abilities. He enabled building of confidence in those new to the language, and provided valuable critique of those with prior experience who were trying to push themselves further, beyond what was necessarily prescribed by the course. .... continue

Phil - Government - January 2023

Python Programming 1

I found that that the course was pitched just at the right level. I was a bit concerned that, having been in software development for some time (although relatively new to Python) that some parts of the course might be of less relevance. Not a bit if it, I have learned stuff in the last 4 days that I would never have picked up from a text book or on-line video. The stuff around Object Oriented programming and how the different data types are used and how you can implement them in Python have been especially useful. I have learned a tremendous amount about python not just about the language itself but, perhaps more importantly, how it could be practically applied in the professional software environment. Stuart was a fantastic presenter and passed over the information in a very informative, understandable, pragmatic way without ever losing your interest. Stuart was always available outside of the course for advice and guidance and was particularly helpful to me when I had queries on certain topics. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone interested in taking up python. Even for people who have a solid background in python, I am sure that there will be a lot they will pick up from this course. .... continue

Giles - Software Engineer - Government - December 2022

Introduction to Python and Data Analysis

Course was very well presented by a knowledgeable instructor.

Mollie - Graduate Trainee Engineer - Environmental - January 2022

Python Programming 1

Very interesting and useful. Everything was explained really succinctly and understandably. Lecturer made sure everyone was following along and frequently asked if we had any questions. Genuinely enjoyed it. Exercises were good.

Adam - Apprentice Software Engineer - Government - December 2021

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