Oracle 12c SQL Performance Tuning

Oracle 12c SQL Performance Tuning

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Oracle 12c SQL Performance Tuning Course Overview

This Oracle 12c SQL Performance Tuning course introduces the delegate to the main concepts of Oracle SQL performance tuning. It is designed to give delegates practical experience in analysing and tuning the performance of SQL. This course is suitable for users of Oracle Database 11g and Oracle Database 12c.

The delegate will learn and acquire skills as follows:

  • Selecting an Appropriate SQL Tuning Approach
  • Tuning Database Applications for Optimal Performance
  • Managing Statistics
  • Creating and Using Indexes
  • Structuring SQL Statements for Performance
  • Examining and Interpreting the Execution Plan of a SQL Statement using EXPLAIN PLAN
  • Examining the Efficiency of SQL Statements using SQL Trace and Autotrace
  • Using the SQL Tuning Advisor
  • Identifying SQL Statements that Perform Badly
  • Using Hints to Influence Execution Plan
  • Identifying Unused Indexes

Who will the Course Benefit?

The Oracle 12c SQL Performance Tuning course is designed for SQL programmers, application developers, designers and technical support professionals who are required to tune the performance of an Oracle application running under Oracle Database 11g or 12c.

Course Objectives

To provide the skills needed to monitor and tune an Oracle database application.


A working knowledge of SQL is required. This can be obtained by attendance on the pre-requisite Oracle SQL course.

Pre-Requisite Courses

Follow-On Courses

  • Course technical content is subject to change without notice.
  • Course content is structured as sessions, this does not strictly map to course timings. Concepts, content and practicals often span sessions.

Oracle 12c SQL Performance Tuning Training Course

Course Introduction

  • Administration and Course Materials
  • Course Structure and Agenda
  • Delegate and Trainer Introductions


  • Overview of Oracle Database Tuning
  • Application Developer Tuning Responsibilities
  • Oracle DBA Tuning Responsibilities
  • Oracle Tuning Process
  • Plan a Routine Monitoring Regime
  • Setting Suitable Goals


  • Overview of SQL Statement Tuning
  • Tools to Assist in SQL Tuning
  • Use Explain Plan, Autotrace and SQL Trace to Examine the Execution of a SQL Statement
  • Interpreting a SQL Trace


  • The SQL Optimizer
  • Statement Transformation
  • The Optimizer_Mode Initialization Parameter
  • Cost Based Optimizer
  • Managing Statistics with DBMS_STATS
  • Automatic Statistics Gathering
  • Dynamic Statistics
  • Online Statistics Gathering for Bulk Loads

Session 4: SORTS

  • How Oracle Processes Sorts
  • Temporary Disk Space Assignment
  • SQL Operations that Use Sorts

Session 5: INDEXES

  • Index Overview
  • Selecting Suitable Columns for an Index
  • B*Tree Indexes
  • Rebuild an Index
  • Composite Indexes
  • Descending Indexes
  • Access Paths with Indexes
  • Index Scans
  • Conditions That Stop Indexes Being Used
  • Parameters that Affect Optimizer Index Choice

Oracle 12c SQL Performance Tuning Training Course


  • Bitmap Indexes
  • Key Compressed Indexes
  • Index Organized Tables
  • Function Based Indexes
  • Invisible Indexes


  • Understand Access Paths
  • Joining Tables
  • Nested Loops Join
  • Merge Join
  • Cluster Join
  • Hash Join
  • Anti Join and Semi Join
  • Outer Joins
  • Star Join
  • Improve Optimization with Different Access Paths


  • Overview of the DBMS_SQL_TUNE Package
  • Using the SQL Tuning Advisor with SQL Developer


  • Sequence Caching
  • Views
  • View Merging
  • Inline Views

Session 10: USING HINTS

  • Using Hints to Influence Execution Plan
  • Optimization Mode and Goals
  • Access Methods
  • Query Transformations
  • Join Orders
  • Join Operations
  • Hint Examples


  • Tips for Avoiding Problematic Queries
  • Array Size
  • The Shared Pool
  • The WITH Clause
  • Bind Variable Usage
  • Result Caching
  • Some Miscellaneous PL/SQL Issues
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Course Reviews

Excellent and happy to respond to questions trainer, and pointedly happy to field questions about individual course attendees production environments, this means that the course is more relevant and people can use real world scenarios to further learning. Excellent skillset and very knowledgeable. I will return for another course when my career requires it.

Gregg - Infrastructure Manager - IT

Great course. I always wanted to know more about Tuning and know I feel I know the full breadth of the subject. I look forward to going back to the office and examining my SQL queries with more confidence.

Paul - Analyst / Programmer - Finance

Very good course that has been taught very well

Lee - Application Programmer - Utilities

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Technical course content was excellent and just what I required regards procedures, functions and packages, so the exercises were very useful and learning the syntax and formats and commands. Plenty of time was allocated for practical exercises and writing code which I would encourage on future courses. The theory was much needed also and improved my understanding of PL/SQL I have already seen in daily tasks. The trainer was very knowledgeable and took time to explain sections as required and answers to any questions. The folder will be very beneficial in practicing back at work to consolidate these Oracle skills.

Andrew - Application Support Manager - Postal/Distribution - February 2018

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